Apex Clinical Laboratories, LLC

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Bolingbrook, IL


About Us

Apex Clinical Laboratories LLC. (2022) our goal is to provide critical molecular diagnostic testing for hospitals and clinicians in the Chicagoland area. We strive to provide the most comprehensive diagnostic menu possible to facilitate individual patient treatment plans. ACL specializes in high complexity, state-of-the-art, molecular-based analysis.

By focusing our testing on DNA/RNA based molecular assays, ACL is able to provide our clients, including clinicians from varying specialties, diagnostic information to assist in the detection, diagnosis, evaluation, and treatment of bacterial, viral, and fungal infections as well as genetic based testing and cancer diagnostics. We pride ourselves in providing accurate timely results in order to assist our clients in the treatment of their patients. Our staff are highly trained experts in the fields of Molecular Biology, Immunology, Pharmacogenomics, and Oncology.

ACL is committed to the continued advancement of clinical diagnostic techniques and strives to provide the most current and advanced technology available to our clients. We are driven to remain on the frontlines of individualized patient care and advanced diagnostics.