Dr. Priyanka Patel

Clinical Scientist Supervisor

Dr. Priyanka Patel is an accomplished professional with a strong background in biological science. She received her Doctorate in Biological Science from Symbiosis International University in India, followed by a Post Doctorate from the University of Illinois in Chicago. She specializes in infectious diseases and has gained four years of clinical experience using bioinformatics tools and techniques.

Dr. Patel has a particular focus on translational bioinformatics and has spent over seven years developing bioinformatics pipelines to interpret DNA sequencing-genetic data. Her work has resulted in published research that provides actionable scientific insights for designing malaria drug and vaccine strategies. In addition to her bioinformatics expertise, Dr. Patel has five years of experience evaluating and summarizing field clinical data. She has been involved in collaborative projects focused on public health, biotechnology, and bioinformatics.

Dr. Patel is a highly organized professional with excellent project management and interpersonal skills. She has successfully established inter-institutional, cross-functional collaborations to leverage innovations in solving health problems for isolated indigenous tribal communities in India. She has also managed a multi-disciplinary translational research project spearheaded by the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) and Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar (WCMC-Q).

In summary, Dr. Patel’s diverse expertise, research experience, and dedication to improving public health make her an invaluable asset to any organization she works with. Her passion for finding innovative solutions to health problems and her ability to establish collaborative relationships make her an outstanding member of any team. With her impressive skill set and experience, Dr. Patel is poised to make significant contributions to the field of biological science.